Simeon Baptist Church emerged from a three month weekly prayer and Bible study session. Bro. James Glatt, who at the time was suffering with cancer, requested Rev. Elgia Wells hold a prayer study in his home. At the first meeting of the class, Bro. Glatt was in the hospital, but insisted that the class meet in his home in his absence. After he was released from the hospital, his strength improved as the study progressed. Though sick with cancer, Bro. Glatt was an encouragement to the group with his perseverance and faith. Eight people comprised that group.

At the end of the three month study, several members of the prayer group decided to work toward launching a new church in the Nashville area. it was decided to begin by establishing a Sunday morning Bible study. Hermitage Hills Baptist Church of Hermitage, Tennessee opened its doors by providing space and literature to start this class known as the African American Fellowship class of Hermitage Hills Baptist Church. The class began with 12 adults in October 1991.

On December 5, 1991, the class voted to form the Simeon Baptist Mission. The name was chosen from the the scripture reference in Acts 13:1-2. It states that Simeon, a Black man, was one of those who prayed and laid hands on Paul and Barnabas before sending them on their missionary journey to start churches in Europe.

Rev. Wells was called as pastor. The first worship service for Simeon began on the first Sunday in January 1992 in the chapel of Hermitage Hills Baptist Church. Approximately 60 people attended the first service. By the end of January, the membership of Simeon had grown to 50 members. These 50 members became the official charter members of the Simeon Mission.

In July of 1997, Simeon was constituted as an official nonprofit corporation [501 c(3)].

In 1998, Simeon purchased property in Antioch, Tennessee at 4130 Murfreesboro Road with plans to build and establish a building for worship and Christian ministry.

Bro. James Glatt died on February 25, 1992. It was through him that God called into existence the Simeon Baptist Church.